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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Man buries five kids after tragic fire incident

Here is a heart wrenching report by PM News, ...
A Nigerian father of five children has done the unpleasant task of burying them all, after a tragic fire incident that ravaged his home in northern city of kaduna, killing all the children Thursday night. 
Mohammed Aminu Okene,a trader in petroleum products was completely devastated when he spoke today with P.M.News on his return from the local cemetery at Tudun Wada. He said, as he broke down in tears, that to bury his five children in a day was the worst tragedy that could ever happen to him and indeed any father.
“My life will never be same again,” he said.
On the day of the tragic fire, Okene had taken all the children to Saint Gerard Hospital, to visit his wife who had just delivered the family’s 6th child by caesarian section.
“I prayed with the children at the hospital for their mum to recover quickly and I took them back home, not knowing I’ll never see them again”.
 The house gutted by fire in Kaduna 
Okene went back to the hospital, to stay with his wife. And he never came back to see the children he left behind.
Okene’s five children were Sadiya 16, Ramat 11, Monsir 7, Khalid 9 and Mohammed 13.
They died after a fire that broke out at the two bedroom apartment at E 26, Fakere Street, Kaduna. The fire was said to have been triggered by some stored petroleum products.
The wailing petroleum trader said while he would never forget this shocking incident, he would take solace in the religious belief that it is God that gives life and also takes it away.
Meanwhile, Kaduna state Governor, Dr. Mukhtar Ramalan Yero has condoled Okene for his loss.
In a press statement signed by Director General, Media and Publicity, Ahmed Maiyaki, Yero who, was moved by the gravity of loss visited the family immediately he got the news after the Friday prayer.
The governor urged the bereaved father to bear the loss in good faith.”

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